Details about LoFi presentations

To allow more time for feedback, the LoFi presentations will be spread across two days, Mon 3/5 and Wed 3/7. The written report is still due Sun 3/11, just before Spring break.  The class will be divided into three pods of three teams each. Each team will have 8 minutes for to make presentations to the instructors and the other two teams in its pod and about 15 minutes for Q&A from the audience.  The schedule and places where presentations will take place are listed below.


M 3/5

LoFi Prototype presentation

Weh 5409: Bob & Steven

  • ResyPay
  • Post-op care
  • Dream home

 W 3/7

LoFi Prototype presentation

GHC 7101: Bob

  • Yoga & mindfulness
  • Visualizing patient data
  • Language mapping

Weh 5409: Steven

  • Game-Aware
  • Speech devices
  • Tutor authoring


I urge students who are not scheduled to present on Monday or Wednesday to still attend the presentations those days and give feedback, but this is not required. Because Steven and I will not be able to attend each presentation, make sure that the presentation you upload has complete enough notes on each slide so that your talk can be understood solely from the documentation.  


Let me know if you have questions.