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Details about LoFi presentations

To allow more time for feedback, the LoFi presentations will be spread across two days, Mon 3/5 and Wed 3/7. The written report is still due Sun 3/11, just before Spring break.  The class will be divided into three pods of three teams each. Each team will have 8 minutes for to make presentations to the instructors and the other two teams in its pod and about 15 minutes for Q&A from the audience.  The schedule and places where presentations will take place are listed below.



Being successful in your capstone project requires you to get a good understanding of what your client wants from you and what your end-users need.  Our early lectures and adviser meetings will focus on  setting a project focus based on clients' requirement.  The next phase in the project --user research-- will focus on ways to understand end-user needs.

Online collaboration training

This online training for collaboration training was based on research and prototyping from a BHCI project team in Spring, 2016.  Go to

Scheduling a weekly adviser meeting

We need to schedule weekly 45-minute-long adviser meetings.  Use thiis Doodle poll to indicate all the times when your team can meet with your  with your advisers. One representataive from you team should enter your team's name and your email address in the participant box and then check each time slot that works for your team. Enter this information using the Project-ContactName + plus email format (e.g., DreamHouse-Abhishek Tayal <>).

Structuring your advisor meetings.

I've started to have adviser meetings with project teams, and the first went well.   However students have asked questions about how to structure the meetings.  You should start each faculty meeting with a short (5-10 minute) project summary.  This should review decisions and feedback from your recent meetings with your team, client and faculty mentor, the progress you've made in the past week, and challenges you are facing. Don't assume your adviser or client remembers the details of the last meeting.

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