In-class activity & deadlines


Project Definition  

At  the beginning of the semester, you will meet with your client to start to define the scope of the project, including functionality, constraints, user group(s) and goals. Each project team is expected to work out its own research and design plan appropriate for its client, stakeholders and project domain. These plans must be negotiated with the client, agreed to by the team, the client and the course instructor, and documented. Your plan and schedule will almost certainly evolve as you progress through the term.

You will also negotiate with your team your goals, procedures and logistics. 

• Set up 3 weekly meetings (with team, instructor & client)
• Determine what groupware tools to use, internally and with client
• Learn about teammates & goals
• Figure out division of labor
• Figure out decision procedures within the team
• Write team contract
• Hold kick-off meeting with client
• Get familiar with the domain  (e.g., Read background material, try  existing UIs).
• Prioritize project goals
• Agreement Doc for client
1 W 1/17 Lecture: Introduction, show-n-tell of past course projects  
  F 1/19 Schedule regular meetings with team, advisor & client by the end of the week  
 2 M 1/22 Lecture: How to run a kick-off, set client expectations, & scope your project. Writing your hunt statement. More review of prior projects.  
  W 1/24 No class  
  F 1/26

Kick-off meeting with client completed

Draft project agreement due within 24 hours after kick-off meeting client.

  S 1/28

Final project agreement due after receiving feedback from instructor and clients.

Research/Synthesis   To understand the users’ primary needs, pain points, and expectations your team will also formulate a research plan. This may include a variety of techniques such as contextual inquiry, heuristic evaluation, and competitive analysis. You will then distill the data you gather into a meaningful synopsis that will inform your design recommendations and concepts. Students are expected to back up their design decisions with this research and analysis. • Identify user needs & wants
• Figure out what questions need to be answered
• Figure out how to collect data
• Identify others’ approaches to your problem
• Read relevant background research
3 M 1/29

Lecture:Planning user research.

  W 1/31

Complete online collaborative training before class, Wed 2/1. Use the course key CollabU-BHCI to enter the course.

Lecture & discussion:  Teamwork. Handling team conflict.  

Lecture will review problems in teamwork & problems that some BHCI teams have had in dealing with conflict and social loafing.
See for more details
  S 2/4 Group contract due.
Research plan due.
4 M 2/5  No class  
  W 2/7 Lecture: Communication: Writing reports & presentations  
5 M 2/12 No class  
  W 2/14 Research Presentations  Max 8 minutes -> practice 
  S 2/18 User research report due
Teammate evaluation 1 due 
Visioning:/LoFi prototyping & Evaluation  

You will produce a small number of low-fidelity ‘throwaway’ prototypes early on to get meaningful feedback from clients and user(s) to develop a set of potential ideas and concepts. Working with your client, you will then work with your team to narrow down your ideas and select the “best of” to pursue further.

 • Generate multiple design sketches and ideas, get feedback from client and users
• Go in-depth and create a paper prototype of one of the ideas
• Test paper prototype with users
6 M 2/19 No class  
  W 2/21 No class  
7 M 2/26 No class  
  W 2/28  No class  
8 M 3/5

LoFi Prototype presentation

Weh 5409: Bob & Steven

  • ResyPay
  • Post-op care
  • Dream home
  W 3/7

LoFi Prototype presentation

GHC 7101: Bob

  • Yoga & mindfulness
  • Visualizing patient data
  • Language mapping

Weh 5409: Steven

  • Game-Aware
  • Speech devices
  • Tutor authoring
  S 3/11 LoFi Prototype report
Teammate evaluation 2 due 
9 M 3/12 Spring break
No class 
  W 3/14 Spring break
No class 
Iterative Design/MidFi Prototyping  

In this and the next phase, you will go through a series of sketching/ prototyping/ testing iterations of increasing fidelity to refine your team’s design(s) with the goal of producing one strong design that meets the identified users’ needs. In the current phase you will prototype a working version of one or two narrow facets of this design. 

• Set up user testing
• User testing round 1
• Re-design of interactive prototype
• Implementation of changes
• User testing round 2
• Redesign of interactive prototype
• Implementation of changes
10 M 3/19 No class  
  W 3/21 No class  
11 M 3/27 No class  
  W 3/28 No class  
12 M 4/2

MidFI presentations to MHCI students (WEH 5409 &   NSH 1507)

NSH 1507 (Bob)

  • Yoga & mindfulness
  • Visualizing patient data
  • Post-op care
  • Speech devices

WeH 5409 (Steven)

  • Language mapping
  • Game-Aware
  • Tutor authoring
  • ResyPay
  • Dream home
  W 4/4 No class  Bob gone
  S 4/8 MidFI prototype report due
Teammate evaluation 3 
Hifi Prototyping: Testing, Iteration & Reporting   In this phase, you will continue your prototyping/ testing iterations to refine your team’s design(s).  You will make your prototype more complete and less buggy.  The goal of this phase is a robust, high-fidelity conceptual prototype. • Continue testing & improvement
• Extend prototype
• Assemble final report
• Deliver final deliverables
• Prepare and practice final presentation 
• Create “parent friendly” version of final presentation
13 M 4/9 No class   Bob gone
  W 4/11 No class   Bob gone
14 M 4/16 No class   Bob gone
  W 4/18 No class  
15 M 4/23 No class  
  W 4/25 No class  
16 M 4/30 No class  
  W 5/2 No class
17 5/7
5:30 pm

Final Project Presentations 
NSH 3305

  • Resypay
  • Language Mapping
  • Post-Op Care
  • Speech controlled devices
  • Visualizing patient data
1:00 p.m

Final Project Presentations
Room TBA

  • Dream home
  • Yoga & meditation for pain management
  • Game Aware
  • Tutor authoring
  5/14 Final report due
Teammate Evaluation 4
  Th 5/17 Final grades due for graduating students (4pm)  
  Sat 5/19
11:30 AM-1 PM 
BHCI Commencement ceremony with project presentations.
Wean 7500 with lunch to follow

Final presentations for parents 5/29 11:30-1PM in Wean 7500

HCII commencement BBQ & Lunch
1:00 PM Wean Hall on the patio

  Sun 5/21 CMU Commencement